Lapposand is a B2B service provider and consultancy specialized in the Alternative Investment markets.

We help investment managers or asset portfolios with institutional capital funding.  Our expertise lies in a deep market understanding of Global Capital markets and of Alternative investment praxis.


Our mission is to actively contribute to bridging funding gaps arising outside of the global capital markets. We contribute to the velocity and efficiency of capital deployment in sectors that don't have access to traditional capital markets. In particular, the funding gap has grown more significant than ever to investment projects contributing to a low-carbon transition. 


Access to capital is the lifeblood of businesses and well-functioning capital markets is the heart of global financial systems.  We support private market investment initiatives, upcoming and emerging asset managers seeking institutional capital funding. We also match the needs of institutional investors and serve them with value-add market insights and access to unique private market strategies. 

  • Serving institutional investor market with access to private markets strategies and solving for their allocation goals

  • Supporting private market investment projects with access to institutional capital funding

  • ​Guiding emerging asset managers with access to and building partnerships with investors​

Our services include; Distribution strategy, Marketing plan, Sales communication, Fundraising planning and Investor relations.

About Jessica Eistrand

With a background as a Client relationship manager and responsibility for Distribution to Institutional Investors in Global Capital markets for more than 20 years, Jessica has been at the frontier of the Alternative investment industry during her whole career.


She has gained a deep insight into Private Market strategies and passive index strategies. Not the least to the need and prerequisites of institutional investors in the adoption of new investment strategies.  Nordic Institutional investors have pioneered and advanced Asset Allocation goals across multiple asset classes while developing comprehensive fund selection processes and high progressive ESG standards. 

The investment management industry is evolving rapidly, yet, a capital allocation and execution process is a highly relationship-driven process based on trust and mutual benefit. Jessica founded Lapposandt ltd in 2015 to serve her clients and partners more effectively.


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