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Pathways for fundraising

What does it require to be rewarded the trust from an investor with a capital allocation, and which investors shall you aim your attention to building a relationship with?

Bought not sold

There are three simple questions to address in a fundraising conversation with an investor; 

What is your motivation? How are you living it, and what problems are you helping to solve for me?"

We will help you with the outreach to key targets, and we help you start a conversation. Before that, we help you with a marketing and sales plan. We are an investor relations specialist and distribution agent, but with the end client in mind. 

Serving and solving

Know your client and help him/her with solving issues for them. Strike a balance between digital marketing and messaging, whilst knowing your investor's pain point and investment culture. 


There are no rainmakers. It is hard work and it is teamwork. Fundraising is not a campaign. It is an ongoing process.

It is about coming together as a deal team to bring a transaction to a close efficiently, and mutually beneficial for all.

It is really that easy!

Leading the way

Lapposand is a guide and advisor. Given your specific asset strategy and expertise, Lapposand will help you identify your target market, target clients and target audience amongst institutional investors in the Nordics.

Lapposand's role is to lead investors to you and help you on the path to be the best service provider you can be to the investor's specific needs. We will advise and guide you for the conversation between you and the investors and we will make it pinpointed and targetted to be worthwhile for the investor.

We are the inbetweeners that make things happen, the doers and the fixers, the oil in the machinery, the glue to the parts, the translators and the diplomats and the negotiators, the multitasking serial specialist that thrive on seeing things progress. 

We bolster your business and make it easy for investors to connect with you.

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