About Jessica


The investment management industry is rapidly evolving, yet, a capital allocation decision is a highly relationship-driven process based on trust and mutual partnership. Lapposand Ltd was founded in 2015 by Jessica Eistrand to serve institutional investors more meaningfully.

Jessica Eistrand is a seasoned professional in the alternative investment industry with more than 20 years of experience as a Client Relationship Manager within Global Capital Markets. She has been responsible for distributing alternative investments to institutional investors and has been at the forefront of industry trends and deeply understands the needs and preferences of institutional investors. 



Our mission is to actively contribute to bridging funding gaps arising outside of the global capital markets. 

Our goal is to increase the velocity and efficiency of capital deployment in sectors that don’t have access to traditional capital markets. In particular, adressing the funding gap for investment projects contributing to a low-carbon transition.


  • We are serving the institutional investor market with access to private market strategies and solving allocation goals. We provide guidance, help translate, remove hindrances, and actively contribute to a smooth execution process. 
  • We support private market investment projects with access to institutional capital funding. We help boost the emerging, next-gen and off the radar managers. 
  • We advise and guide asset managers with access to and to build a road map for building partnerships with investors. 

Our services include; Fundraising planning and Investor relations, Market mapping, Product positioning, Distribution strategy, Marketing plan, and Sales communication.