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Investment options

With diminishing returns in Fixed Income markets and correlating asset markets, investors have to go out of their way to build a well-crafted portfolio of Alternative assets to source the assets of choice and secure the required return. 

Since the 2008 financial crisis, regulatory changes have forced traditional lenders and banks to step back from non-core activities.  This has allowed alternative investment boutiques and specialised service providers to fill that void – providing investors with a much greater range of investment opportunities across all types of markets and alternative investments projects with greater access to finance.

Hence, the financial markets are awash of investment products, and as most other marketplaces, low-cost online discount platforms are growing their presence. But for durable and sustainable investment strategies or handcrafted investment products of exceptional quality managed by exceptionally skilled top 'craftsmen' in their niche, they can not be found online. 

Investors investing the time to learn from the market will build themselves the market insight and knowledge they need to outperform. We provide a guiding hand. 

Emerging Managers

Bigger is not always better. Do you want to invest in the next generation asset managers or in machines? Are all your managers looking the same? 

The megatrend towards a billion-or even a trillion-dollar industry wants me to support the Small- and medium-sized managers even more. The teams with little resources, the entrepreneurs with a strong conviction. It is time for someone to stand up for the little guys. It is often a better business too. 

Will you give them a chance? 

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Renewable Energy

Investments in clean energy infrastructure will need to be scaled up significantly in the coming years to support the broader development, economic and climate agenda.

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Renewable Energy
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Emerging Market Infrastructure

For anyone who cares about the global decarbonisation and net-zero goals, one cannot ignore India. 

The government of India has a very ambitious growth plan to Green the Economy and support a swift Energy Transition to Renewables and modern Energy Efficient solutions.  Despite Covid-19,  India remains a high-growth market and will be the world’s most populous country in 2027-  less than 10 years.  India will have higher population growth than China and a workforce population peaking in 2050.

India and East Asia is the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for one-third of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions and 60% of its coal consumption. Curbing emissions in the region is critical to advancing the global climate change agenda.


For institutional investors, investing in India is an extraordinary investment opportunity waiting to be discovered. We can provide you with some guidance. 

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Green Infrastructure India

Investments in clean energy infrastructure will need to be scaled up significantly in the coming years to support the broader development, economic and climate agenda. Meeting the climate change mitigation challenge requires shifting investments from carbon-intensive to low-carbon infrastructure.

There is a need to invest in clean energy infrastructure – an investment that will enhance the generation of electricity from renewable sources (including solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectricity, geothermal power, and biomass) and increase energy efficiency.

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Carbon Emission Market

Everyone is talking about ESG and net-zero, but no one is talking about carbon markets.


The Global Carbon markets is the single most important political environmental impact tool available today. And in that regard, the EU ETS markets are setting an example for both US and China. The political support for Global Carbon Markets is stronger than ever before.  Going long EU ETS is "One of the greatest macro trades no one is involved in." according to Twitter pundits.


What would the effects be of a Carbon price of €60, or even €100? How should a long-term investor strategically and tactically position itself if you want to be long the price trend and have a positive climate effect? 


Unlike many ESG investing forms, Europe's carbon price benefit the environment and amount of carbon emissions directly. For more information on the EU ETS markets; 

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