Sustainable Agriculture

Private Equity 2022-05-01

One consequence of climate change is where and how we grow our food supplies, which means a re-evaluation of Farmland properties. Not only in the Emerging Markets, but also closer to home in the EU. 🇪🇺


European Farmland

As part of the EU Green Deal, initiatives such as “Farm to Fork” will challenge and put a greater focus on the carbon footprint of the supply chains of imported food and support locally organically grown food. 

The ‘CAP’ in Europe is a top priority to be reformed within the EU in the future. One of the critical priorities is carbon footprint and sustainability, which also means reinvigorating the existing farmlands procedures and supporting the next generation of farmers. 

At the same time, we are increasingly seeing digital solutions being implemented, offering a range of new opportunities to capitalise on modernising farming standards with a much greater focus primarily on sustainability, opening up more opportunities in an ancient old industry. 

Investing in a portfolio of real estate assets/ agricultural holdings with potential for revaluation thanks to the introduction of new through implementing sustainable farming processes offers a lot of new interesting PE opportunities.

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