Unlocking "S": Social Factors Driving Financial Returns

Impact investing Private Equity Webinar

In this webinar we are discussing how PE investors are helping bridge socioeconomic gaps, addressing and solving for widening inequalities through innovation and technology.

Unlocking "S": Social Factors Driving Financial Returns


The past decade has seen much attention given to 'environmental' issues (and rightly so), but 2020 has shed new light to the salience of 'social' issues. Join us as we discuss how investors can understand the challenges, quantify the risks and opportunities, and bring 'S' in line with 'E' and 'G'. 

We will hear from a new generation of investors and PE managers, investing in transformational businesses by considering all stakeholders 

Expert Speakers: 

  • Mark Grovic, Founder and General Partner, New Markets Venture Partners 
  • Marcus Svedberg, Investment Strategist Fjärde AP-fonden/Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund 
  • Tripp Baird, Managing Partner, The Builders Fund


  • Jessica Eistrand, Company Director, Founder Lapposand Ltd (Here as Co-Founder, Hansa Impact Partners)