Empowering Entrepreneurs with Microfinance

Webinar Impact investing 2023-01-17

Eastern Europe brims with business opportunities that remain untapped due to underdeveloped capital markets and lack of access to capital.

Eager to learn more about this segment, I had the chance to interview Jasminka Begert from the European Fund for South East Europe ("EFSE") and Mario Jerzt from Finance in Motion, in charge of "The world's largest Microfinance fund."

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Impact Investing

Webinar December 2022

Join us as we learn more about the EFSE's mission to drive economic growth and financial equity to entrepreneurs and enterprises in the often-overlooked regions of Eastern and South Eastern Europe through innovative strategic initiatives.

Once referred to as "The world's largest Microfinance fund," this fund supports entrepreneurs by improving access to capital markets and promoting regional lending.

During our discussion, we delved into how the EFSE - a Blended Finance Fund - empowers Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Eastern and South Eastern Europe through access to financial inclusion and growth capital. 

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