Do you know your European geography?


Perhaps it is time to revisit our perceptions of what Europe truly encompasses - not only for the sake of accurate geography, but also to recognize the vast investment potential of this region.


When we hear investors talk about investment opportunities in Europe, we may be quick to assume it only includes traditional Western European countries. But what is your definition of Europe? Have we overlooked the potential investment benefits of Central and Eastern Europe? 

Let's take a deeper look at the geographic, economic, and jurisdictional aspects of Europe, including Central and Eastern Europe. Looking at European infrastructure investment opportunities, it is essential to distinguish between the regional differences in risk and opportunities. 

If you are interested in exploring the possibilities that Central and Eastern Europe can bring, and the reasons why investing in this region is worthy of consideration.

Europe’s Energy Transition: Faster Than You Think (by Generation IM)


The Sustainability Trends Report 2022 (by Generation IM)


Global Electricity Review 2023 by EMBER – attached 

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