Solar Energy in Spain

To quote Elon Musk “The sun is absurdly, overwhelmingly the source of energy in our solar system. Doesn’t even need maintenance – it just works!” (Dec-2021)

The page has turned in the benefit of Solar PV in Europe. 

Europe’s vulnerability and dependency on gas have been laid bare over the past few weeks and the need for more renewable energy sources have become alarmingly clear, and it is opening up vast offering opportunities in developing Europe’s access to more renewable energy production assets. Europe is in dire need of more Renewable Energy sources and in that regard, Solar energy is underrepresented and Spain has been coined "Texas of Europe". 

Utilities have historically dominated the Solar PV sector but last year, PE & Infra investors entered and dominated it shifting focus on pipeline and deals in development, as opposed to operating assets. Solar PV is a low risk and appealing infrastructure asset for investors and it is becoming an increasingly crowded market competing for opportunities.

How are pension funds viewing this rapidly changing environment and landscape of Energy Infrastructure opportunities in Europe? Large scale solar is a classic core infrastructure asset and one of the fastest and most effective climate solutions. Given the commitment and leadership for carbon emissions reductions by 2025 by most European Institutional investors, European Solar developments in Spain are high in demand. 

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