Solar Plaza


On 4-5th October 2022, key stakeholders of European solar asset management met for an annual gathering in Frankfurt at SolarPlaza.

European Solar PV market

M&A outlook

Last year, European solar markets registered another record year, jointly adding 25.9 GW of

new solar PV capacity to their grids (SolarPower Europe, 2022). 

That constituted a significant 34% bump in installations over 2020’s installation figure of 19.3 GW. 

Looking at the individual countries, Germany claimed the top position, adding 5.3 GW of PV capacity. 

They were followed by Spain with 3.8 GW, The Netherlands with 3.3GW, Poland with 3.2 GW and France with 2.5 GW. 

These new additions brought the total tally of European PV installations to 164.9 GW,

including both utility-scale, commercial and residential systems.