Carbon Markets

The EU Emission Trading Scheme is the single most important steering tool to incentivize and drive a decarbonization process. We believe one of the key themes at COP 26 will be Global Carbon Pricing.

Everyone is talking about ESG and net-zero, but are they also following the developments of the carbon markets?

The Global Carbon markets are the single most important political environmental impact tool available today. And in that regard, the EU ETS markets are setting an example for both US and China. The political support for Global Carbon Markets is stronger than ever before. 

What would the effects be of a Carbon price of >€100, or even €250? How should a long-term investor strategically and tactically position itself if you want to be long the price trend and have a positive climate effect?

Unlike many ESG investing forms, Europe's carbon price benefit the environment and amount of carbon emissions directly. 

For more information on the EU ETS markets; please reach out.

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