Infrastructure & Renewable Energy

In the coming years, investments in clean energy infrastructure will need to be scaled up significantly to support the broader development, economic and climate agenda.

Here are the sectors we cover:

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Renewable Energy

Transitioning the European energy sector to a renewable and storage- based market will require an investment of €2.3 trillion by 20501. 

RE investments are highly resilient to shocks, have a stabilizing effect on traditional investment portfolios and provide stable returns with some protection from inflation.

European electricity prices to stay high in the mid-term, creating the opportunity for long-term stable returns via fixed priced off-take agreements and opportunistic market sales.

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European Infrastructure

Meeting the climate change mitigation challenge requires shifting investments from carbon-intensive to low-carbon infrastructure.

There is a need to invest in clean energy infrastructure. This investment will enhance electricity generation from renewable sources (including solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectricity, geothermal power, and biomass) and increase energy efficiency.

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Equity Financing

European Solar PV Assets

A company dedicated to sustainable investment and real assets management.

Private Equity

European Farmland & Sustainable Agriculture

The Aurea Sustainable Agriculture fund seeks to achieve attractive returns as well as a high social impact via the optimization of the management of a well-diversified portfolio of agricultural holdings.

Equity Financing

Biogas processing plant in Europe

Specialized in the development of renewable gas biorefineries based on circular economy strategies.