Impact Investing

Investors are increasingly looking for impact results. Financial results and risk-adjusted returns is the primary goal but the route taken to achieve it can be many and the route chosen can add positive value all around.


Sustainable Forestry in Emerging Markets

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Impact Investment lending

MicroFinance lending program

Microfinance funds invests in carefully selected local financial intermediaries for on-lending to Micro-, Small- and Medium enterprises and private households. These investees include commercial banks, microfinance institutions, and non-bank financial institutions such as leasing companies. By investing in local financial infrastructure that provides dedicated financing to Micro-, Small- and Medium enterprises, the backbone of these regions' economy are supported. What is more, these lending programmes helps create the conditions for local businesses to thrive by building the capacity of local financial institutions or facilitating knowledge-sharing through its Development Facility. 

Webinar about European Fund for South East Europe
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Private Equity Impact investment managers

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Green Energy Infrastructure in India

UN Green Climate Fund